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11 April 2014 Press Release
Chaplains commend congressional actions concerning censorship by Air Force Academy: Read Here

26 March 2014 Press Release
Message to Air Force Academy cadets: You can say ‘So help me God’: Read Here

13 March 2014 Press Release
Air Force Academy’s action puts Christians in the closet, violates federal law: Read Here

10 March 2014 Press Release
Congressmen Ask DoD to Issue Stronger Religious Liberty Instructions: Read Here

3 March 2014 Newsletter
The latest news from the Chaplain Alliance: Read Here

5 February 2014 Newsletter

The latest news from the Chaplain Alliance: Read Here

28 January 2014 Testimony
Chaplain Alliance House Armed Services Committee Testimony: Read Here

28 January 2014 Press Release
Chaplain Alliance Testifies about Negative Effects of Administration Policies: Read Here

24 January 2014 Press Release
Chaplains commend DOD for first steps toward providing religious liberty for military personnel: Read Here

25 November 2013
Chaplain Crews on CBN News: Air Force pulls ‘So Help Me God’ from Handbooks: Watch Here

19 November 2013
Chaplains to Air Force Academy: Obey the Law Concerning Oaths Read Here

28 October 2013
Chaplain Crews defends Air Force Academy oath, “So Help me God”: Watch Here

15 October 2013
Watch Chaplain Crews on the Erosion of Religious Liberties in the Military Panel
at Values Voter Summit 2013: Watch Here

8 October 2013 Press Release
Chaplains to DoD: Allow Catholic service members to worship: Read Here

4 October 2013 Print Interview with FOX 
Catholic priests in military face arrest for celebrating Mass: Read Here

15 September 2013 Radio Interview 
Hear Chaplain Crews Interview on WallBuilders Radio: Listen Here

28 August 2013 Video
Military Guide Lumps Christians, Jews with ‘Extremists’ Watch at

28 August 2013 Press Release
Documents confirm DoD taught that Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, Mormons are religious ‘extremists’ like Al-qaeda: Read here

21 August 2013 Press Release
Chaplain Alliance commends Air Force for restoring chaplain’s essay: Read here

7 August 2013 Press Release
Chaplain’s Right to Pray Press Release: Read here

29 July 2013 Press Release
Cease Discrimination Against Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes’ Speech: Read here

29 July 2013 Press Release
Chaplain endorsers to Air Force: Read here

09 July 2013 Press Release
CALL Press Statement 7-9-2013 Read here

01 July 2013 Video.
Ron Crews on CNN commenting on the latest Supreme Court decision. View here

26 June 2013 Press Release
DOMA press release. Read here

23 June 2013 Video
Will soldiers be court-martialed for sharing their faith? See video here.

16 June 2013 Press Release
Chaplain endorsers: Obama Administration opposition to religious freedom. Read it here.

3 June 2013 Press Release
Chaplain endorsers meet with Air Force leadership. Read it here.

4 April 2013 Press Release
Military training materials: Catholics, evangelicals are religious ‘extremists’. Read it here. View a presentation on the definition of “Extremism” here.

13 February 2013 Press Release
DoD bypasses Congress…again. Read it here.

4 February 2013 Press Release
Chaplain Alliance submits brief in support of DOMA to the Supreme Court. Read it here.

10 January 2013 Press Release
Chaplain Alliance sends letter to West Point affirming public prayer. Read it here.

3 January 2013 Press Release
Chaplain Alliance calls on Obama administration to honor chaplain protections passed by Congress.
Read it here.

18 December 2012 Press Release

Chaplains commend NDAA conference committee for protecting conscience of service members.
Read it here.

11 December 2012 Press Release
Chaplains concerned about war on Christmas. Read it here.

7 November 2012 Press Release
Moving Forward with the President: Chaplains Hope for Change in Policy. Read it here.

17 September 2012 Press Release

No Cause for Celebration: DADT Repeal Immediately Creates Major Problems for Service Members. Read it here.

20 July 2012 Press Release
‘Gay pride’ parade is no place for service members in uniform. Read it here.

27 June 2012 Press Release
Censorship of prayer disrespects duty of all chaplains. Read it here.

18 June 2012 Press Release
‘Bibles are out – ‘gay pride’ is in. Read it here.

12 June 2012 Press Release
‘Chaplain endorsers: Bibles should stay in Military Exchange System. Read it here.

5 June 2012 Press Release
Same-sex ceremony in military chapel raises need for congressional action. Read it here.

24 May 2012 C-Span Religion and the Military
Dr. Ron Crews joined a panel in Washington, D.C. to discuss religious liberty in the armed forces and public policy that affects the chaplain corps. Watch it here.

20 April 2012 Press Release
Chaplain endorsers: Bible should stay in Air Force lodging. Read it here.

29 March 2012 Letter to Chairman McKeon
The Chaplain Alliance address the Military Religious Freedom Protection Act. Read it here.

3 March 2012 Radio Interview
Ron Crews speaks with Studio A about ‘The Gay Agenda And Military Chaplains’. Listen here.

21 February 2012 Press Release
Chaplains object to DOJ decision to not defend DOMA for service members. Read it here.

13 February 2012 Press Release
Chaplains concerned about continued erosion of religious liberties. Read it here.

20 December 2011 Press Release
Chaplains commend Air Force decision to keep Christmas display. Read it here.

8 December 2011 Press Release

Chaplains commend Army chief of chaplains for decision concerning rabbi. Read it here.

7 December 2011 National Catholic Register Article
Military Chaplains are allowed to opt out of officiating same-sex ‘marriages’. Read it here.

1 December 2011 Press Release
Chaplains thank Senate for prohibiting coercion in leading marriage ceremonies. Read it here.

December 2011 Citizen Magazine Featured Article

Military members could soon find that defending marriage or sharing the Gospel puts them in the crosshairs of a new law. Read it here.

10 October 2011 Press Release
Chaplains say no to the use of military chapels for same-sex “marriage” ceremonies. Read it here.

22 August 2011 Press Release

Veteran chaplains and service members urge Boehner and Reid to stand up for religious freedom in wake of DADT repeal. Read it here.

17 August 2011 Letter to Congress
The Alliance letter to U.S. Congress regarding DADT repeal. Read it here.

22 June 2011 Press Release
The Chaplain Alliance responded to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” with their June 2011 press release. Read it here.

23 May 2011 Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The Alliance letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff regarding DADT repeal. Read it here.



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