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Purpose Statement

A.  Vision. The vision of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty (the “Chaplain Alliance “) is a nation where all chaplains and those whom they serve freely exercise their God-given and constitutionally protected religious liberties without fear of reprisal.

B.  Purpose.  The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty exists to ensure that chaplains can defend and provide for the freedom of religion and conscience that the Constitution guarantees all chaplains and those whom they serve.

C.  Statement of Common Faith: The Chaplain Alliance members believe in, profess and adhere to the following orthodox Christian truths:

(1) The Bible is the inerrant, infallible Word of God in the original languages and the absolute standard for moral conduct;

(2) The Trinity;

(3) The Lordship of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, born of the virgin Mary;

(4) Salvation by grace through repentance from sin and faith in the redeeming sacrifice of Christ on the cross;

(5) The physical resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, and His Second Coming.

D.  Objectives. The Chaplain Alliance’s objectives are to:

(1) Secure the religious liberties of chaplains and those whom they serve.

(2) Enable all chaplains to serve to the broadest extent of their constitutional mission and/or Endorsement.

(3) Nurture and support an environment that cherishes the role of chaplains in American culture.

E.  Scope.  The Chaplain Alliance will:

(1) Assist chaplains as they provide religious support to their constituents.

(2) Serve as a common point of reference, information and education exposing the rising tide of threats to religious liberty.  This includes:

(a) attempts to restrict the ability of service personnel and chaplains to freely share their faith, acknowledge the Judeo-Christian tradition and orthodox Christian doctrines, and proclaim the truth of the gospel;

(b) the inherent dangers and destructive effects of providing official approval of and protection for deviant lifestyles and behaviors which Scripture and orthodox Christian tradition and teaching condemn; and

(c) other restrictions on religious liberty.

(3) Be a focal point for reports related to religious suppression, threats, discrimination, and other problems within the Armed Forces and other institutions that result in diminished religious liberties for those whom chaplains serve, and analyzing and reporting the same to its members, Congress, and the public;

(4) Inform the public, the community of faith and the government on the constitutional need for chaplains and their role in developing a strong sense of morality in our military, governmental and other social institutions as a necessary predicate to liberty and the rule of law;

(5) Communicate the principle that what happens in the military frequently causes consequences in civilian life.

F.  Membership.  The Chaplain Alliance has three classes of membership:

(1) Member.  The level of “Member” shall have the authority to vote for Officers, policies and other matters and decisions affecting the Chaplain Alliance, and shall be open to all endorsing agencies authorized to provide chaplains who hold and profess the above Statement of Common Faith and Statement of Belief, and agree with the Chaplain Alliance’s objectives.

(2) Associate Member.  This level is open to organizations and individuals who agree with and support the Chaplain Alliance’s Statement of Common Faith, Statement of Beliefs and Objectives.  Such membership does not entitle the member to vote in the election of the Chaplain Alliance‘s Officers or policy decisions.

(3) Partner.  This level includes other endorsers, organizations or individuals who support and agree with the Chaplain Alliance’s objectives.  Such membership does not entitle the partner to vote in the election of the Chaplain Alliance‘s Officers or policy decisions.

(4) Membership requirement.  Membership in the Chaplain Alliance at all levels except Partner and for all Officers is contingent upon adherence to and affirmation of the Chaplain Alliance’s Statement of Common Faith.  Rejection of any one of the orthodox Christian doctrines contained therein shall be cause for denial or termination of membership in the Chaplain Alliance.



By supporting the Chaplain Alliance, you enable us to secure the religious liberties of our chaplains and those they serve.

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